Practical Tips in Caring for Your Seniors with Dementia


It is never easy to take care of a senior loved one, especially if they have been diagnosed with dementia. However, as a provider of home care services in Pasadena, California ourselves at Hastings Homecare Corp., we know that while difficult, there are ways to make your caregiving duties easier to do.

Unconvinced yet? Here are the ways this is possible:

  • Establish a routine and maintain it
    Having a routine can help your senior loved ones to predict how their day will go, saving them and you from the moodiness and irritability that they are prone to with the condition.
  • Keep your communication clear and direct
    Because of the cognitive limitations that come with having dementia, it is necessary to be calm and direct when giving out instructions or explaining things to avoid confusing them.
  • Minimize possible distractions
    Being easily disoriented and distracted are hallmarks of having dementia because of the brain’s inability to focus brain activity on the relevant task.

    This can cause them to skip the things they should be doing, such as eating, for more interesting activities such as watching TV. Thus, it’s very important to keep them away from potential distractions so they do not compromise their health.

  • Ask for assistance when you need it
    Caregiving is no walk in the park so don’t hesitate to hire a registered nurse for assistance.

Better yet, enlist our respite care in California at Hastings Home so you can take that much-deserved break.

We hope these tips helped! For more like this, be sure to check back.

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