What Would the World Do Without Nurses?


Covid-19 has challenged the healthcare industry. The rising number of cases with limited medical workforce and equipment has alarmed every country in the world. This pandemic might have shunned us off from others to protect ourselves, but it also allowed us to take a closer look at the realities and importance of our medical front-liners like our nurses.

Registered nurses became the backbone of the hospitals in this trying time. Being the first-hand provider of assistance to patients is not an easy feat. Hastings Care is a witness to that. The possibility of getting infected, exhaustion from PPE supplies, and laborious overtime are daunting, yet they stayed resilient to keep us safe.

Some have even extended services like giving respite care in California and other states because the older generation is vulnerable. Being a companion to the sick and encouraging them to fight to live is not part of their job, but they give it out selflessly.

You see, the importance of nurses has been magnified only because of Covid. That is why we at Hastings Homecare Corp. recognize the effort of all the nurses in the world. If you meet them working in hospitals, clinics, or even in home care services in Pasadena, California, please let them know they are valued. After almost two years of battling Covid, we survived because of them. A simple thank you would be enough.

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