How Seniors with Dementia Thrive with Home Care


Dementia affects not only the mental capacity of your elder but also their physical, emotional, and social skills. Home care services in Pasadena, California are designed to help people with this condition achieve a better quality of life.

  • It creates a customized care plan.
    Home care can be personalized to fit your loved one’s requirements. Rest assured that an experienced and registered nurse looks into the matter of designing care services for your senior.
  • It offers a break for your caregiver.
    If you or a member of your family is the one caring for your loved one with dementia, you can already take a breath. In-home care offers respite care in California for temporary service to make sure that someone is attending to the needs and medications of your senior while you’re not at home.
  • It ensures the safety of your seniors.
    Safety is the top priority for individuals dealing with dementia, especially if they become mentally unstable or physically impaired. Well-trained caregiver delivers personal care, homemaking, and other services to help with the daily tasks of ensuring a clean and safe home environment.

To learn more about how home care helps your senior loved one with dementia thrive, feel free to reach out to us. Our accommodating representatives at Hastings Homecare Corp. are ready to serve you. Call 626-773-6027 today!

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