Ways to Provide Personal Care Assistance to Seniors

Ways to Provide Personal Care Assistance to Seniors

Whether your mom is a dementia patient or your grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes, it is fundamental to take care of your loved ones when the situation calls for it. There are several ways that you or a caregiver can support or assist your loved ones. To help you understand the basics of caregiving, Hastings Home created a list below.

  • Assist them with hygiene.
    Some aging seniors have issues with their back, making it hard for them to bend or stretch. With mobility issues like this one, it may be challenging for them to take care of themselves, like bathing or dressing independently. A registered nurse can assist with this task and ensure that seniors practice proper hygiene every day.
  • Help prepare their meals.
    Seniors are also maintaining medication, and this may affect their appetite. Get them to eat by preparing rainbow meals or experiment with fruits and vegetables, so their meals would look appealing to them. When caregivers are on respite care in California, it is a good chance for you to prepare nutritious meals for them and join them during mealtime.
  • Make sure to clean the house.
    An untidy and disorganized home could lead to falling or tripping accidents among seniors. Help the elderly with household chores, such as sweeping, vacuuming, washing the dishes, and more. If the senior’s home is well-organized and clean, it allows them to age in place safely and comfortably.

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