Giving Primary Caregivers Time Off


As a family or primary caregiver, you may feel like it’s your sole responsibility to ensure that your elderly patient is safe and healthy. But refusing to accept help can put you in danger of physical and mental health problems.

This is why Hastings Homecare Corp. exists. We make sure that every hardworking and dedicated career gets the time off they need to recover from the stresses of their everyday responsibilities.

There are other benefits to Respite Care in California, and we are here to talk about them. Take a look:

  • Give caregivers time to focus on relationships
    Because of caregiving duties, many caregivers are no longer able to nurture their own personal relationships. Hastings Homecare is here to help address this concern.
  • Give caregivers time to explore and enjoy new, and old, hobbies or interests
    Many busy caregivers in Home Care Services in Pasadena, California put aside their favorite activities in order to serve their patients. Allowing this to happen can affect their happiness and mental health.
  • Gives caregivers peace of mind
    Sometimes caregivers don’t take time off because they think that there won’t be anyone who can look after their senior patients. But now they can have the time off they deserve. No more worrying about medical complications, we have a Registered Nurse who can drop by and help monitor the patient’s health condition.

Interested in learning more about how we can help? Just give us a call at 626-773-6027 to set an appointment.

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