Heart-Healthy Foods to Include in Your Diabetic Diet

Heart-Healthy Foods to Include in Your Diabetic Diet

Diabetic patients need meticulous supervision and care. In fact, some family caregivers may need regular respite care in California to be able to continue caring for their diabetic loved ones with ease.

As part of caring for a diabetic patient, one of the things that caregivers have to pay attention to is the meal. Diabetic patients have a lot of foods they’re not allowed to eat. However, for better heart health, here are some of the best suggestions to consider:

  • Legumes
    There are many types of legumes. For diabetic patients who are concerned about their heart health, the best legumes to consume include beans, split peas, and lentils. These have high soluble fiber content.
  • Fatty or oily fish
    When it comes to fishes, you or the registered nurse should opt to serve tuna, sardines, or salmon. These are fatty or oily fishes that contain high Omega-3 fatty acids content, which is an unsaturated fatty acid.
  • Seeds
    Seeds, especially flaxseed, contain high fiber and alpha-linolenic acid content. Flaxseed can be the alternative to fatty fishes if the diabetic patient doesn’t like the latter.

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