Top Complications of High Cholesterol

Top Complications of High Cholesterol

Cholesterol, in normal amounts, can help certain bodily functions such as building cells and digestion. In high amounts, it can endanger your life.

If you have high cholesterol levels, then you’ll have to watch what you eat. Your caregiver providing home care services in Pasadena, California may supervise you to ensure that your cholesterol levels are in normal amounts. Otherwise, you’ll face the following complications:

  • High blood pressure.
    Cholesterol, when it builds up in your arteries, can make it difficult for blood to circulate throughout your body. This will increase your blood pressure.
  • Heart disease.
    Otherwise known as coronary artery disease, heart disease happens when the arteries being blocked by cholesterol are the ones that lead to the heart. If the blockage becomes more severe, it may lead to heart failure.
  • Heart Attack.
    When the built-up plaque in your coronary arteries breaks off, the body will respond by trying to fix it through clot formation. This will cause additional blockage to your already narrowed arteries, which can stop the blood flow to your heart.
  • Stroke.
    A stroke happens the same way as a heart attack. However, in the case of stroke, the arteries involved are those leading to the brain. When you survive a stroke, you may need a registered nurse to cope with your condition.

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